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DVDs & Books
  • What Secret is the Treasure Coast Concealing? - a 12 min. DVD telling a brief storyline overview of the Maravillas.
  • The Kings Maravillas - a 17-min. DVD providing a historical introduction of the Maravillas.
  • Wrap Around Magazine - 41 printed pages detailing the background, genesis, characterized origin and facts surrounding the Golden Madonna Mystery.
  • "God's Ocean" Novel - 4 volumes on a "Readable" CD containing 534 pages with colorful authentic illustrations of treasures and story.
  • "God's Ocean" novel – a 48 min. DVD showing unique pictures of the Maravillas expedition with the Story narrated by Captain Bob.
  • Pictorial of Valazquez - The Famous Spanish Painter, authorship of the Golden Madonna on DVD.
  • Puppetry for children of The King's Maravillas - 2 DVD presentation - 20 minutes
  • Website program presentation.
  • God's Ocean, An Epiphany -  an 85 min. DVD revealing a story of a man’s epiphany as a result of the Maravillas expedition.
  • The Glorious Quest – A 2:30 min. DVD trailer showing pictures of the Maravillas Story with The Impossible Dream sung by, Frank Pesile.
  • Theou Thalasa (God’s Ocean) The Golden Madonna -  A 16 min. DVD narrated by Captain Bob and showing exclusive underwater photography.
  • God’s Ocean in Poetry – A 45 min. DVD showing unique picture of the Maravillas Story in poetry form.

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